Requirements for Case Submission

Digital Impressions

Intra oral scans is the preferred method of submission for clear aligner therapy when possible. The scans should be deep in the muccobuccal folds and on the lingual surfaces and should include the palatal rugae. Check for the clarity of the terminal molars on the distal and lingual aspects of these teeth. Take an additional scan of the buccal view of the teeth in occlusion. This step is not necessary if using the Carestream scanner in the ortho mode. When using Omnicam a copy of the bite is required in the upper biocopy catalogue.


When the digital scans are not possible please take PVS impressions. When taking impressions the teeth should not touch the impression trays. Aliginate impressions are not acceptable for Elle 3D cases. Confirm the impressions hare clarity and sharpness of gingival margins especially lingual in the most terminal molars. Please check that the stone models are clear of bubbles.


  • Upper and lower occlusal views
  • Right and left buccal views
  • Anterior view of all teeth in occlusion
  • Full face in repose
  • Full face smiling showing in the upper and lower teeth in occlusion to show the midlines
  • Right side profile view at rest with the lips in repose – not forced together (if the lips are not together do not force them together)


Submit the digital prescription via Elle Jordan's Labstar portal.
Please attach to the prescription:
  • The STL file of the digital scan or indicate that the file was sent via Cerec Connect
  • The pre-visit worksheet to that indicates doctors treatment goals
  • The Intraoral photos
  • Copy of the signed patient consent form.
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