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Anterior Zirconia Screw retain restoration are precision milled from monolithic zirconia for consistency and durability. Highly translucent, it’s an ideal alternative to IPS e.max restorations in the anterior and premolar regions, and delivers high flexural strengths. Easily stained to match all 16 VITA A-D shades, These restorations are the next generation of esthetic material.


In addition to Zirconia, we also offer Pekkton full arch restorations. A new high performance polymer (HPP) with technical properties comparable to human dentin and cortical bone! It is the perfect material for a hybrid screw-retained bridge. Pekkton combines the best of alloys and zirconia in the framework world. You can bond pretty much anything to it. Pekkton works as a shock absorber without being flexible, is very strong, can be sterilized and is radiolucent, non-allergenic and lightweight. These restorations are the future of Dentistry. This material was one of the most talked about of the year, with its strength and flexibility providing a real alternative to metal. 

Indicated for anterior crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. An esthetic solution for bruxers and grinders when PFM metal occlusal/lingual or full-cast restorations are not desired or when patient lacks the preparation space for a PFM or has broken a PFM in the past. Zirconia can also be used for anterior teeth with a facial veneer of porcelain for improved esthetics

Shoulder preparation is recommended, feather edge is okay. It is a conservative preparation similar to full-cast gold, so any preparation with at least 0.5 mm of occlusal space is accepted. Minimum occlusal reduction of 0.5 mm; 1 mm is ideal. 

Adjustments and polishing:

Adjust zirconia crowns and bridges using water and air spray to keep the restoration cool and to avoid micro-fractures with a fine grit diamond. If using air only, use the lightest touch possible when making adjustments. A football shaped bur is the most effective for occlusal and lingual surfaces (on anterior teeth); a tapered bur is the ideal choice for buccal and lingual surfaces. Polish restorations with the porcelain polishing system of your choice.

  • Resin Ionomer cement (RelyX or RelyX Unicem, 3M ESPE)
  • Maxcem Elite (Kerr)
  • Panavia F 2.0 (Kuraray) -ideal for short, tapered preparations
  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America)
Tech Notes
Solid zirconia requires a cast gold type preparation. Anteriors may have a facial veneer of porcelain but the occlusion will remain in 100 percent zirconia. Final Zirconia restorations are glazed to a smooth surface to reduce plaque accumulation.
  • D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
  • D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic
  • D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic
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