Financial Agreement for ElleJordan Aligner Cases

Financial Agreement for ElleJordan Aligner Cases

Thank you for choosing ElleJordan Studio for your Invisible Aligner Cases.

The purpose of this information page is to clarify the financial policies of ElleJordan Studio for Invisible Aligner Cases.

Please also see the Case Submission Form that you have been given regarding submission of your cases to ElleJordan Studios as this form is an integral part of this agreement.

Below is a list for all fees related to ElleJordan Studio Aligner cases:

  1. Unlimited aligners with up to 2 refinements: $1000.00

    Includes diagnostic setup and unlimited adjustments requested by the doctor and one set of clear retainers per arch.
  2. Each refinement after the 2 included refinements: $350.00
  3. Digital model base. A digital model base can be added to your setup. The usual procedure is to send digital teeth and gingiva as captured by the intraoral scans or impressions/model to ElleJordan Studio. Some doctors request digital bases especially if their cases are regularly shown to the patient: $35.00
  4. Special requests: All special requests are made on the last digital models:
    1. Bleaching trays with or without bleach wells: per arch $XX.00
    2. Additional clear retainers: $XX.00
    3. Night guard: $XX.00
    4. Any of the above requiring a new scan or impression/model add per arch: $XX.00
  5. Case setups will be sent to the doctor’s office via email to be opened in case viewing software that can be shown to the patient and used for tracking treatment progress.
  6. The case viewing software (OrthoShare) is provided at no cost with all updates for one year. After one year there is a fee of $XX.00 per year for support and software updates. This fee will be waived for each year for doctors that have sent XX cases to ElleJordan Studio (any type of case) in the prior calendar year.

Please note: All fees are subject to change with 2 months prior notice.

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